The taste of a holiday in Pantelleria: the WILD & SLOW FEST is coming

Pantelleria has recently become a member of the Slow Sicilian Islands Community, with the aim of safeguarding some of the island's characteristic products, such as Zibibbo grapes and capers, and to strongly reaffirm a sense of belonging to a place rich in history and traditions.

A focus on the territory, its culture and its productions is further enhanced with the birth of the Wild & Slow Festival of Pantelleria, a project promoted by Ines Lommatzsch and the Pantelleria Isola Slow Association, which will support traditional island food from 24 to 26 June, with particular attention given to local vegetables, fruits, and spontaneous herbs, as well as to the transformation and processing of each of them, highlighting ancient techniques and "slow" methods.


The theme

The first edition of the Wild & Slow Food festival is dedicated to the theme of the 4 elements, earth, air, fire, and water. Four factors that play different roles in the process of transforming ingredients in the kitchen and at the same time best express the nature of Pantelleria: the earth, in the volcanic stone; the air, in the island's wind; the fire, in steam and thermal waters, and finally, the water, with the surrounding sea.

The locations
Two of these elements, earth and wind, will be highlighted in the events scheduled at the restaurant "I Giardini di Rodo". It is a traditionally styled farm where you can rediscover the ancient peasant world, with the mill, the threshing floor, and the typical Pantescan garden. Water and fire will instead be at the center of the meetings at the restaurant "Da Andrea", located on the seafront in the port of Gadir.

The program
Every day, meetings, courses, and workshops will be organized on various topics, during which emphasis will be given to the transformation of ingredients and foods with healthy and "slow" methods (one example being spontaneous fermentation, once practiced in every home); self-production practices and very ancient local ingredients, such as spontaneous fruits and herbs.

In addition, every evening it will be possible to participate in an aperitif dinner in which a Pantescan chef will present a tasting menu alongside that of one or more "off-island" chefs who will reinterpret local ingredients in their own dishes.
Finally, an important focus on the rediscovery of wild herbs and vegetables: a starting point to emphasize the great biodiversity of Pantelleria as a great wealth to protect and preserve, an aspect that further makes the island a slow stronghold to discover on vacation and to enhance in all its characteristics and peculiarities.

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