Bird-watching, autumn in Pantelleria

During its millennial history, Pantelleria has always had a privileged connection with the migratory flow of many birds.
It was and still is a reference point and a stationing spot for the routes towards Africa in autumn and towards Europe in spring. One of the names that Pantelleria had was Yrnim, the island of the quacking birds.

Nowadays, for those who love to do bird-watching, Pantelleria offers a great occasion to photograph the many species that gather even for only few weeks before initiating the long flight towards the destination of the migration, all of it connected to a breath taking landscape and vegetation.

It’s during September that species from the North arrive, and those include buzzards, black-shouldered Kites, ospreys, hen harriers, storks and cranes.

is common during this time of the year to have a close look and the possibility of taking pictures of the migratopry birds, thanks to the big forest areas and the rough and untouched areas like Gelfiser, Kaggiar and Cimillia, where they can stop over without being undisturbed.

You might also take pictures of European species of birds that can only be found here in Pantelleria, like the Algerian Cinciarella, a small and colorful bird, sneaky and hard to see, it is the subject of passionate researches from photographers and naturalists.

Pantelleria is a special place for bird-watching lovers, adding to it its natural paths that reach the inland of the island. The amazing lake of Venus is the usual habitat for herons and pink flamingos in some specific time of the year. The lush vegetation that surrounds some of the inland areas and the black lava rocks are the perfect background for pictures of the gorgeous birds, hard to see in other places of the Mediterranean Sea.

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