Pantelleria: The Story of a Newly Begun Love

Pantelleria is an island that you might think you can talk about even without seeing it. So strong in character, so unique that its distinctive features can be engraved on a piece of paper and still believe that you know it. But as soon as you land on the island, you realize that reality is very different, simply because it is much more than you imagined. Colors, sensations, amplified visions, expectations not disappointed, but instead going beyond every expectation. This is what remains inside, after a week of holiday in Pantelleria. A stay that is a "taste", because the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean offers too much to be able to experience it all in seven days, but this does not detract from the intensity of every moment spent on it.

It's already beautiful to arrive, from above, to get familiar with its slanting and round shape at the same time from the airplane. To see the vast blue in which its black stone is embedded and suddenly land on a runway that seems to tell you "Welcome, this is the end of the world and you have to enjoy it all". And it is here that everything begins, when they give you the keys to a four-wheeled box that will become your inseparable and sprightly companion with which to travel the complete perimeter of 50 km of the island at least once a day, among climbs, descents, dirt roads, hamlets, villages, and splendid landscapes.
Immediately discover the soul of the Pantescan land, made of green hills and kuddie of vineyards and caper plants that in August are full of fruit, to be welcomed in the San Vito district, among the oldest on the island and among those most dedicated to agriculture and traditions of Pantelleria; get to know the authentic and simple beauty of the dammuso, a welcoming space for coolness, peace, and relaxation in the midst of silence and nature; decide among a thousand possible alternatives where to start the exploration of the sea of Pantelleria.

At this point, one realizes that everything is not as one had always imagined and described: heights, distances, curves, and panoramas. Pantelleria does not leave anyone indifferent on the roads that run through it. The number of coves and bays that can be visited each day is not an objective datum. Every day, we chose at least two or three and learned that Pantelleria is an island for everyone, but at the same time, it is not for everyone. It is an island for those who truly love the sea, for those who know that to fully enjoy it, they will sometimes have to work for it, as in the case of Martingana, Punta Li Marsi, or Balata dei Turchi, all uncontaminated places to be discovered after admiring them from the perimeter with at least 2-300 meters of breathtaking cliff drops, or like the Laghetto delle Ondine, with a walk through enchanting landscapes that make you feel out of this world Niká and Sataria, with their exciting sunsets.
It is an island to be seen from the top of Montagna Grande or from the depths of incredibly clean and blue sea beds. It is an island for young and old, who can easily descend to Scauri Scalo, be surprised by the warm waters of Gadir, or have fun on the pier of cala Levante, or still, go up and down among the gently modeled rocks of Bue Marino on the northeastern slope, or dive into the almost tropical colors and sulfurous waters of Specchio di Venere. Long, hot, and salty days during which one can abandon oneself to a sweet, sweet idleness, constantly contemplating the surrounding panorama, wondering if paradise is really on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

A special mention goes to the Pantescan spirit, made of hospitality and a sense of friendship, small great traditions, silence and pride, visceral love for the island, and the good flavors of the past. Starry skies, desires to express, wine, and full moon. Like the day, the Pantescan night also has a unique and particular soul to be preserved as a precious memory of summer. And when you leave, with your sweet-salty load made of capers and passito, you know deep down that it is only a goodbye because the discovery is just the beginning of its story. Thank you, Pantelleria.

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