For summer 2020, definitely choose a holiday in Pantelleria

This particular year has brought many changes to our daily lives, some of which are quite stressful, such as having to wear a mask often or worrying about keeping a distance from other people. These thoughts could discourage anyone from organizing a summer vacation. The solution, however, is simple and within reach and it's called Pantelleria.

The island has everything you could want for a covid-free vacation.

With its perimeter of almost 60 km, Pantelleria is a large island with a low population density, which offers ample space for everyone and, above all, the possibility of isolating oneself quietly, in countless ways. Let's see which.

Each dammuso is in fact a small self-contained ecosystem, with properties immersed in the greenery of nature and often at great distances from each other. Many dammusi are also equipped with a swimming pool, giving their guests the opportunity to swim and sunbathe in total solitude and relaxation, without even having to leave.

The same condition of absolute tranquility also applies to those who want to feel the wind and salt on their skin: the countless bays and coves of Pantelleria allow you to carve out a corner of peace by the sea, in uncontaminated places and always sparsely populated, to be discovered by land or by renting a boat. And if there are already people there, just go a little further to find your own space.

Not only the sea: Pantelleria also offers the opportunity to take long walks and treks in the large reserve of Montagna Grande, recently becoming a national park, or to discover the many archaeological sites scattered throughout the island. All activities that can be done freely and above all always in the open air.

The main ingredients of a perfect summer vacation on an island? Of course, enjoying the sun and sea all day, and then ending the day with an aperitif in front of the sunset and a dinner under the stars.

The current moment seems to have taken away the pleasure of going out to dinner, but in Pantelleria it's possible to do so without problems and without any worries. Almost all the island's establishments are in fact outdoors: finding a trattoria or a restaurant in Pantelleria with outdoor tables is practically the norm, so drinking a glass of wine or an aperitif while admiring the sunset, or tasting a typical cous cous are safe and guaranteed experiences!

As we have already emphasized, dammusi are an island within the island, giving those who occupy them the possibility of spending a serene and safe vacation. We at Abitare Pantelleria strive even more to make every stay perfect, guaranteeing:

  • Sanitization of the "dammusi" at every check-out;
  • Periodic checking of filters in air conditioning systems (already subject to sanitation);
  • Personalized services available upon request.

In this way, we can ensure our guests a pleasant and unforgettable experience, with the certainty that the only thought you will have in Pantelleria is to have no thoughts!

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