The most beautiful picture is unfair to its beauty

These are the words from the photographer Cartier- Bresson, coming back from a holiday in Pantelleria.

Nothing can be added to the beauty that can be seen throughout the long and jagged coastline and in the small bays.

You may find here the print of the many great civilisations; in Scauri you have the Roman harbour, in Mursia, a small and quaint little village with its Arabic heritage. All over the island, and thanks to its location, you can find a mix of European and African influences, always ready to be discovered.

It’s the always renewed force of the Nature that gives the island the intense beauty that never dies.

How not to regenerate in the thermal water of Cala Gadir? In this “protected place” we can benefit from its sweet thermal water with a very high healing power. And Niká, a small harbour made by lava eruption where we can find thermal springs that can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius. Folowing up and not far from Niká, you’ll find “Salto della Vecchia”: an amazing drop off overlooking the sea where many bird species nest.

Above and underneath, beauty never ends.

There are many caves that enrich the island: on the west side,we have the dello Storto e della Sirena Caves and the Steria Cave, that in Greek means “healthy cave”, thanks to its thermal pools. Let’s not forget that Steria is the place where the mythology sets the home of Ulysses for seven years.

Our trip can carry on to the east, with the cave of Punta del Curtignolo and the “holes” called Macasenazzi, similar to big store-rooms separated by giant stone columns.

If you’re keen on snorkelling and the blue sea, Pantelleria won’t disappoint you: you won’t resist plunging into one of the most unpolluted marine environment of the Mediterranean Sea.

A never-ending charm: coral reefs and dolphins are not an imaginary vision; they are here, just in front of our eyes.

Either we are looking for a holiday in touch with nature, a “cultural” trip or even a regenerating holiday; this is a magic place from where it’s difficult to leave but form where you’ll leave refreshed.

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